Fringe World 2019: Betty Grumble – Love & Anger review


Just, wow.

It’s going to take me awhile to collect my thoughts after seeing Betty Grumble: Love & Anger last night, because for the first time in a long time I was truly shocked. So strap yourself in…here we go.

Betty Grumble’s got a soft spot for Perth, and she’s happy to show it to you. So embrace it, dive deep, lean into the uncomfortable, and get ready for the ride of your life. The whirlwind flesh riot of womanifesto, protest party, dancing dissent and deep push back-ery that is Betty Grumble is here to deliver up her body as a bloody love letter, showing self-love as the radical act that it is.

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Fringe World 2019: Comma Sutra review

If you’re a self-confessed grammar nerd, bookworm or language lover, your little heart will (figuratively) explode with joy at Louisa Fitzhardinge’s Comma Sutra – a joyful repertoire of clever, pun-filled and linguistically lush songs and stories.

Comma Sutra is a fantastic and punchy cabaret that I’ve been trying to see for the last few years, so it’s fair to say I had incredibly high expectations. But there’s no need to whip out the red pen or write a letter complaining about the terrible use of apostrophes here – it was every bit as funny, relatable and heartfelt as I’d hoped.

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Fringe World 2019: Suns of Fred – The Greatest Showmen & Another Guy review

Winning over the hearts of Perth one hip thrust at a time, Suns of Fred are a super slick, high-energy, rollercoaster of comedic cabaret.

The home-grown trio have performed to sold out shows across Australia and internationally, and it’s easy to see why – with great chemistry, smooth moves and impressive harmonies, they’ve got the goods to get you laughing.

Musical comedy is a not-so-secret Fringe World love of mine, it just can’t be beaten for an easy-going good time, and with loads of talents and tight quips, Suns of Fred: The Greatest Showmen & Another Guy is playful, cheeky, and hits the spot.

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Fringe World 2019: Baby Got Back – Size Queens review

All girl. All guts. All glory.

Get ready for an in your face explosion of the female body that is teaming with bold feminism, smart observations and a resounding cry to have your voice heard.

Baby Got Back: Size Queens is a wild ride of body-positivity from an all-female cast of Australian dancers, strippers, showgirls, comedians and bent burlesque performers,  filled to the brim with honesty and bravery, making it an incredibly fun, dynamic hour of flesh, profanity and chaotic comedy.

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Fringe World 2019: La Soiree review

On a cold and rainy summer’s night, a damp but enthusiastic audience crowded into a unique venue at the Ice Cream Factory for two hours of bold and glamorous cabaret.

A tiny red circus ring was the centre of attention for the night, hosting more daring and charming action than should realistically fit in such a small space. With artists popping up among the crowd throughout the show, the feats of strength, flexibility, humour and grace were never far away.

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Fringe World 2019: Djuki Mala review

Djuki Mala is a phenomenal celebration of dance and a heart-warming tribute to culture, sharing the joy of movement with passion, charisma, and love of dance that flows through the bodies of the performers.

Djuki Mala sure know how to draw a crowd, and on a hot summer’s day the West Australian Spiegeltent was absolutely packed, with a shimmer of excitement rippling through the tent. From the moment the four young men graced the stage, they had the entire place in their thrall, and anyone passing by outside was sure to hear just what a fantastic time we were having inside.

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5 shows you MUST see at Fringe World this year!

It’s time to find your happy place, with Fringe World 2019 offering up more than 700 events from 18th January to 17th February.

The third largest Fringe celebration in the world is right here in our own hometown, and there truly is something for everyone. From circus and comedy, to theatre and music, dance and cabaret, to kid’s entertainment, free events, and those weird and wonderful shows that you’ll never see anywhere else but Fringe.

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WA's first black float tank

Attention scones lovers! The Swan Valley is the place to be

Golden on the outside, soft and fluffy on the inside – there’s really nothing better than a fresh, warm handmade scone topped with jam and a good dollop of cream.

In fact, scones are the one recipe I’ve never tried to master, because in my mind they just can’t be beaten by the ones my mum, and my nanna, used to make. One of my favourite memories are of weekends when I came home ravenous after a game of netball, and tucked into a massive serve of freshly made scones with my family. And then there were all the evenings spent at my nanna and grandad’s eating warm pumpkin scones topped with butter for supper.

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Here’s where you can find the best bread in the Swan Valley

I’ve gotta say, there truly are few things in the world more delicious than fresh bread.

I am an absolute carb-lover, and could easily eat bread for every meal of the day. Deceptively simple but oh-so-tasty, freshly baked bread has well and truly earned its spot as a favourite in picnic baskets, on cheese boards and topped with lashings of butter at the dinner table.

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