Fringe World 2019: Comma Sutra review

If you’re a self-confessed grammar nerd, bookworm or language lover, your little heart will (figuratively) explode with joy at Louisa Fitzhardinge’s Comma Sutra – a joyful repertoire of clever, pun-filled and linguistically lush songs and stories.

Comma Sutra is a fantastic and punchy cabaret that I’ve been trying to see for the last few years, so it’s fair to say I had incredibly high expectations. But there’s no need to whip out the red pen or write a letter complaining about the terrible use of apostrophes here – it was every bit as funny, relatable and heartfelt as I’d hoped.


Like many modern day English language lovers, Louisa is fighting back against the LOLs and FMLs, questioning the truth behind signs selling “fresh” fruit and battling the urge to scream every time an apostrophe is used for a plural on sign’s, menu’s or display’s. All the while, she’s dreaming of someone to snuggle up with her on the couch and whisper sweet puns into her ears – ideally in multiple languages. It’s not too much to ask, right?

And speaking of multiple languages, where else but Fringe World can you see someone bring together not one but two Arts degrees – musical theatre and the German language, to be precise? In a feat of exceptional entertainment, Louisa seamlessly jumps from English to French, Italian and sign language at the audience’s whim in a brilliant and cunning multilingual finale.


In addition to a witty cover of Gotye’s ‘Somebody That I Used To Know’, Louisa sparkles through saucy and audacious original songs, improvised poetry, much-need grammar lessons, a hilarious tale of sign language gone wrong, a rap about the weird and wonderful world of German language, and an ode to the dad joke, as she explains why she is so smitten with the written.

With a rousing anthem that gets all the grammarians in the room rooting for her, it’s easy to see why Louisa Fitzhardinge’s unique cabaret has sold out and garnered five-star reviews around Australia for the last three years.

Fellow spelling aficionados, grammarians and word lovers, Comma Sutra is a delightful, celebratory, musical must-see.

Tonight and and Saturday night’s shows are already sold out, but limited tickets are left for Saturday’s 4pm show at Downstairs at The Maj  – be quick to nab yours here.


Photo by 3 Fates Media



*I was gifted media tickets for this show. All opinions are my own.

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