Fringe World 2019: Baby Got Back – Size Queens review

All girl. All guts. All glory.

Get ready for an in your face explosion of the female body that is teaming with bold feminism, smart observations and a resounding cry to have your voice heard.

Baby Got Back: Size Queens is a wild ride of body-positivity from an all-female cast of Australian dancers, strippers, showgirls, comedians and bent burlesque performers,  filled to the brim with honesty and bravery, making it an incredibly fun, dynamic hour of flesh, profanity and chaotic comedy.

Baby got back.jpg

Photo by @alexisdleaphotography

Baby Got Back is a favourite on the Fringe scene for good reason, and they’ve returned to Perth with a new exploration of the female form in all its glory, smashing down the paradigms of womanhood through equal parts striptease, comedy and socio-political experiment.

With a lineup featuring the gloriously comedic burlesque and tassel twirling superstar Sugar Du Joure, self-proclaimed nasty woman Frankie Valentine, the first lady of Fierce Miss Jane Doe, badass dancer and performance artist Shamita Siva, and the hilariously heart-warming exhibitionist Memphis Maehem, Baby Got Back: Size Queens is a riotous adventure of burlesque shakedowns, stripper anarchy, absurdist performance art and naked circus.

As expected from a diverse and brilliant collection of women, Baby Got Back is sexy and funny AF, with more brilliant booties than you’re likely to see shimmying, shaking and clapping through any other Fringe performance. But, of course, there’s a lot more going as these women are also smart, powerful and creative, driven to explore concepts of the body in live spaces.

From the downright fun fluffy sheep number (oh yes, bet you’d never see that become sexy), to a powerful performance piece in which a group of snapdragons literally snap, to an act that pays tribute to forgotten warrior queens, a stark naked space woman, and some full-force squirting, these ladies are truly feeling themselves and their badass femme energy.

But more than that, they’re coming at your hard with the radical notion that women don’t have to apologise – for their sexuality, their bodies, their opinions, the way they take up space AND for no longer standing for being told to smile.


Photo by @alexisdleaphotography

This is no-holds barred, highly-inappropriate, lovingly-queer and laugh-out-loud funny, very adult entertainment at its absolute best.

Come for the nudity and absurdity, stay to celebrate the cast of witty, smart, creative and hilarious women who are giving the finger to society as they bring the fun back to feminism, encourage women to take up space and, most importantly, remind you that you are the only one who gets to decide what is right for your own body.

Tonight is your last chance to see Baby Got Back: Size Queens – it’s on at 10pm in the The Edith Spiegeltent at Yagan Square.





*I was gifted media tickets for this show. All opinions are my own.

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