The Food Project: Health Freak Café

It would be so easy for me to start this review with just a bunch of heart-eye emojis, but I guess I owe it to a place I love so much to write a bit more than that!

So yes, I love Health Freak Café and I am so excited that there are finally places like this around – where there are loads of vegetarian and vegan goodies on the menu, alongside meals to make the omnivores happy. At Health Freak Cafes absolutely everything is gluten and refined sugar free, and the whole idea is that whatever you order you can feel good about eating it.


There are currently Health Freak Cafes in Applecross, Halls Head, Innaloo, Kings Park, Mt Lawley, Scarborough, Floreat and Joondalup, but there are more to come (including in Morley, which will become my local!) and each of them promotes health, balance and holistic wellness. With high protein, low carb, low calorie, breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as fresh juices, superfood smoothies, protein shakes, Cocowhip and lots of raw slices, there truly is something for everyone.

So far I have been to the Scarborough and the Mt Lawley cafes, and both of these are in great spots – right on the beach front at the first, and at the heart of Beaufort St in the latter. The cafes are fresh and modern looking with instantly recognisable branding and the same menu across all locations. As an added bonus most of them have alfresco seating so you can take your furbaby with you.


The menu itself is BIG – everything from acai bowls and pancakes to salads, burgers and pasta. And let me tell you, the pancakes, the acai bowls, the Cocowhip raw cake dessert bowls and the chia breakfast bowls all look AMAZING! I can’t wait to go back and eat ALL the breakfast foods!

But that doesn’t mean the savouries don’t stack up. On my first visit I had the kale, sweet potato and quinoa salad with feta. It was a great big bowl full of deliciousness, with cherry tomatoes, red cabbage, carrot, bean shoots and lemon aioli and it was both tasty and filling. Of course I had to get a side of sweet potato fries, and while they weren’t the best sweet potato fries I’ve ever had, they were still good.


Next time around I had the vegan raw Pad Thai, with ribbons of zucchini, carrot, cabbage, bean sprouts, capsicum, coriander, chilli, and a creamy coconut lime dressing with crushed peanuts. It was REALLY good – again, a nice big serve, super fresh, light but filling, crunchy and all kinds of good things. The chillies were a little hot for my liking but they were big pieces that I could easily avoid. We also ordered sweet potato fries again because, you know, sweet potato fries are life!


On both visits my partner ordered burgers – firstly the protein Mexican burger with cheese, guacamole, jalapenos and spicy sauce, and on the next visit the paleo sweet potato beef burger, which had roasted sweet potato rather than a bun – and both of them got the thumbs up.


The raw slices looked amazing but I have to be honest and say they weren’t really my kind of thing. To me they mostly just tasted like dates (which is the main ingredient) and two of the different flavours we got basically tasted the same. Look, if you are craving something sweet and want to avoid refined sugar, or can’t have gluten, or any other restrictions, these might hit the spot for you – just accept it for what it is and don’t try to pretend that it’s actually a triple chocolate cheesecake and you’ll be fine!

Health Freak Cafe raw slices.JPG

The final verdict: The staff are friendly, the spaces are modern, the food comes out quickly, but most importantly it tastes great and is good for you – I honestly can’t say enough good things about Health Freak Cafe.

Check the Health Freak Cafe website for locations and opening hours.  

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